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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Google dev tools Security and Audits tab

Two great tools provided by Google developer tools browser console are:

- The Security tab:

Security validation

Security inspection result for a site using https

It provides below checks for your website:

1. Valid certificate
Whether the connection to this site is using a valid, trusted server certificate.

2. Secure TLS connection
Whether the connection to this site is using a strong protocol version and cipher suite.

3. Secure Resources
Checks if all resources like js, css and others are fetched through https.

Security inspection result for a site using http and fetching sub-resources through http

- The Audits tab:

The Audit tab

It provides a great tool to check and provide useful suggestions for network utilization like using gzip compression, combine js files, minify css and js files and web page performance like remove unused css styles for your web site which can be considered in your application context and used accordingly. You can see in detail the changes suggested for each category by clicking on the leftmost arrow against each category.

Below is result audit output from some public sites:

Audit result-1

Audit result-2

Audit result-3
These two tools will definitely help us monitor the security and improve network and web performance of our sites.

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