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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

What is scrolljacking?

Excerpt from
"Scrolljacking basically means we replace native scrolling (what you’re used to) with targeted scrolling: when the user initiates a scroll, either with their mouse or keyboard, scrolljacking takes them to an exact vertical point on the screen (for example, the top of the next content container). When done properly, scrolljacking can be a part of a unique, enjoyable online experience."
The above definition makes it quite clear what scrolljacking is.

Excerpt from
"Recently, Apple came up with the new concept of ‘scrolljacking’ in their product pages. This is method that ‘re-wires’ the behavior your browser’s scrollbar to display the content as a set of slides — instead of its traditionally vertical movement."
Note: There can be accessibility issues with scrolljacking as has been mentioned in the link above.

A jQuery plugin I came across that helps in achieving this:

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