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Monday, 17 November 2014

HTML5 CANVAS Bring out the inner artist in us

It's time to get our hands dirty with some colors and bring out the inner artist and creationist within us to fore. HTML5's CANVAS element provides us with a virtual canvas which is similar to the leather canvas which real world painters and artists use to draw wonderful art and what not.

Some use cases to which the CANVAS element can help us in:
1. To create a simple drawing structure like a circle, ellipse which may be part of a larger design.
2. To create an animation of written letters created slowly to create an illusion of an invisible hand writing.
3. To create html5 based games based on the idea of "update and loop" principle and "persistence of vision" concept.
4. To develop a platform for real-time creation of structures like charts, hierarchical box shaped structures one beneath other etc.

There are many more of which I am ignorant right now, but will update as soon as I know about it.

Stay tuned as we begin our journey as an artist, thinker, designer, creationist and what not :)

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